Raspberry Pi - Time-lapse video of London skyline

Photos takes on 20th December 2013 every 30 seconds and assembled in a movie at 25 frames per second. During windy days with faster cloud movement reducing the time to 10 seconds should give a more fluid video.

The quality of the photos is surprisingly good, considering the Pi camera is "very typical of the kinds of units you’d see in some mid-range camera phones" ( Had higher hopes on a Microsoft LifeCam Cinema HD webcam, but no, it took terrible shots. This was despite the enticing promise: "Relax while the camera automatically sharpens your images and TrueColor adjusts exposure for bright, vibrant footage. And for even sharper video, take advantage of the high-precision glass lens and ClearFrame Technology to improve the picture even in low light conditions". The Pi people were much more modest but delivered a good product.

Strange looking gear
By chance the first two books match the technology stack

Three books and the Pi on the window sill

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